Term Of Service

Last update: Sept. 5, 2022

Terms of Service


  1. In order to provide customers with high-quality and stable services and provide a basis for the resolution of disputes, these “Terms of Service” are formulated.
  2. When purchasing services or products, you must agree to these Terms of Service. If you have purchased services or products and completed payment, you are deemed to have agreed to this “Terms of Service”.
  3. Users enjoy the relevant rights stipulated in this “Terms of Service” and must perform the relevant obligations stipulated in this clause. Disputes between users and CSTServer during the use of product services will be handled in accordance with these terms.
  4. When using CSTserver services, you must abide by relevant laws and regulations and maintain Internet order and security. For details, please refer to the "Acceptable Use Policy".
  5. The company implicitly reserves the right of final interpretation of this User Service Agreement.

terms of use

  1. The hosts sold by CSTServer do not include data security guarantees. Even hosts using the Raid10+BBU architecture do not include data security guarantees. In the event of data loss, only service time and other compensation will be provided, and the value of your data cannot be compensated!
  2. The host products sold by CSTServer prohibit the use of SSR/V2Ray/OpenVPN/PPTP/L2TP and other tools that endanger the operator's network security;
  3. To ensure stable network data packet transmission, multiple packet sending tools such as FinalSpeed are disabled, and continuous use of large amounts of bandwidth is prohibited;
  4. It is prohibited to store, provide, or publish content that violates the laws of China, the United States, and the region where the server is located in the products and services provided by CSTServer;
  5. Unauthorized individuals and merchants are prohibited from reselling or publicly sharing CSTServer's services or products;
  6. It is prohibited to run software that consumes a lot of CPU, bandwidth, and hard disk resources, such as traffic mining, various virtual currencies, video hang-up, cluster computing, traffic mutual brushing, and collection.
  7. It is prohibited to use the host to send packets to the outside or inside, ARP attacks, ARP hijacking, scanning for weak passwords, malicious exhaustion and interfering with the operation of other servers.
  8. When using CSTServer products and services, you must do so as permitted by law;
  9. CSTServer only guarantees the normal operation of the products and services it sells and provides, and has no obligation to provide assistance for any software issues;
  10. Reasonable use of the work order support system, respect for customer service, prohibition of insulting customer service, sending meaningless work orders, continuous harassment/entanglement of work order customer service, work order bombing, etc. when solutions have been provided. If found to abuse customer service, maliciously damage the reputation of CSTServer In any case, our company will retain all legal rights and interests.
  11. Except for the independent server series, any user is prohibited from nesting virtualization privately.
  12. Please do not place promotional links on non-owned websites. Once discovered, you will refuse to pay the promotion fee and close the promotional link account. (Added on June 20, 2022)

Cloud server IPv4 address replacement

  1. The cloud server IPv4 address can be changed for a fee, and the fee is 15 CNY/time, except for special circumstances.
  2. If you require a specific IP address range, please contact our sales to obtain a solution.
  3. If the IPv4 address is still blocked after the replacement, you can submit a work order to contact us within 24 hours for manual free replacement. If it exceeds 24 hours, the IP replacement will be deemed to have been completed.
  4. If a large number of IP addresses are blocked during a special period, we will have the right to temporarily increase the price.
  5. If the IPv4 address is blocked by some countries during the equipment rental period, it is blocked by some countries due to problems caused by the user's own use. In the event of a dispute, CSTServer will be entitled to charge for property damage to the IPv4 address (subject to circumstances)

Money Back Guarantee and Chargeback Disputes

All products provide 1-day refund guarantee service (the refund handling fee is subject to the instructions on the product page), except for the following circumstances:

  1. Violate any content described in these Terms of Service
  2. This “Terms of Service” is an enumeration, but user behavior clearly affects the normal use of other users and the normal operation of the CSTServer server, etc.
  3. Used traffic exceeds 10G (total traffic, subject to background traffic statistics)
  4. The assigned IP is blocked by GFW or country or region.
  5. Participating in promotions or using discount codes


  1. Service unavailability, data loss, etc. due to user arrears, non-renewal or forgetting to renew;
  2. Service inaccessibility, data loss, etc. caused by user's operation or other related improper behavior;
  3. Inability to access, data loss, etc. caused by user's website content or usage behavior that violates the terms of service and terms of use;
  4. Inability to access, data loss, etc. due to force majeure (social/natural).

Reserve permissions

  1. CSTServer reserves the right to have the final interpretation of these terms.。
  2. CSTServer reserves the right to modify these terms without prior notice.

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