Global cloud server and dedicated provider.

Reliable servers with hourly rates.
Host your servers in 20+ data centers around the world
Exclusive high-performance hardware and large bandwidth.

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7×24 network support

Our engineers with more than ten years of operation and maintenance experience will solve your problem as soon as possible and provide 24/7 service.

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Independent IDC platform

A fully functional server management platform is provided for free. The platform can set up sub-accounts for batch management, restart, power on and off, system installation, VNC, rescue mode, password reset, etc.

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CN2 Network

Our high-speed bandwidth direct connection includes China Telecom's two-way CN2 direct connection, China Unicom and China Mobile, fully covering domestic backbone nodes and providing high redundancy and low-latency China connections. To provide High stability, network online guarantee reaches 99.9%.

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Perfect infrastructure

Our data center equipment uses well-known brands in the industry to ensure the stability of the server. Our equipment is managed by our professional operation and maintenance team to provide users with the best experience. Target.

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Agent Plan

Welcome to become an agent. We will grow together with every agent. We will divide different discount levels according to the dealer's level. Each level of dealers will enjoy a better discount than the market. prices and more exclusive dealer benefits.

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One-stop service provider

When it comes to building networks and data centers, just buy and use and get instant solutions without the hassle of referring to anyone else!

Get Paid for Referring Customers to Us

We pay commissions for every signup that comes via your custom signup link.
We track the visitors you refer to us using cookies, so users you refer don't have to purchase instantly for you to receive your commission. Cookies last for up to 90 days following the initial visit.
If you would like to find out more, please contact us.

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Maximum protection
from DDoS attacks

Protect your infrastructure from attacks at L3-L4 and L3-L7 levels. Secure circuits, switching equipment and online services, regardless of the protocols used. Protection against DDoS attacks in automatic mode up to 3.2 Tbps and 750 Mpps, as well as protection against bots and WAF.

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Is your support 24x7?

Yes. We provide fast support 24x7x365.

What business is prohibited by us?

It is strictly prohibited to place, access, publish or disseminate pornography, fraud, gambling, violence, hackers, Trojans, viruses, eavesdropping, guns, cross-border access nodes, etc. that violate the laws and regulations of mainland China, Hong Kong, China, or the United States, as well as the users where the server is located. If the content of the local laws and regulations is discovered, the service will be stopped immediately without refund, and legal liability will be pursued.

Do you provide root access? How?

Yes. You have full control of your server through SSH access

What Are The Advantages Of Cloud Server?

One Of The Greatest Advantages Of Cloud Servers Is The Scalability. That Means A Cloud Server Can Adapt In Size Following The Workload. Also, It Has Increased Security. Thus, No Matter What Happens To The Hardware, You Will Still Have Your Virtual Server Safe.

Do you have a question?
If you have any questions, please contact our support team via chat, ticket form or by phone.
In addition, you can always make suggestions to improve our work for you.
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